sally schneider
sally schneider

If you look closely at the mirror in the image above, you’ll see sky, clouds, rooftops and a flock of birds swarming in unison in what appears to be a miraculously organized pattern. The mirror allows me to sit at my desk facing a 13-foot wall, and look out the adjacent window for an instant ‘refreshment’ while I work. It is yet another example of strategic mirror placement OPENING up a view in a static wall.

Sally's office mirror

It’s a favorite design trick that I’ve used frequently in my various problematic spaces (every space has it’s downsides!). Over the years I’ve bought good-looking stand-alone mirrors (framed and unframed)  at flea markets, second-hand stores and Ikea. I can move them around at will to throw a bit of light or view into a windowless area…mirrors in dark walk-in closets…or on the wall opposite the window wall in a bedroom to expand the “view” and sunlight.”

Ikea’s stylish,  inexpensive Stave Mirror, framed in natural birch comes in several sizes, and can work in many spaces…

Ikea mirror Stave

I also like to cut cheap hardware-store closet mirrors out of their plastic frames. Once liberated, they make appealing minimalist slivers to place here or there.

cheap mirror to transform

…You peel the cardboard back off…

cheap mirror 2A

cheap mirror 2B

…then score the glue around the mirrors edge with a razor knife…

cheap mirror 2c

…Scrape off any glue residue, clean the mirror and voila:

cheap mirror sliver

(I often tape a piece of foam core on the back to provide support, as the long, thin mirror can break easily unless care is taken.)

They are light and slim enough to move around easily. Sometimes I put one next to the stove, so I can view the sunset in the opposite windows when I’m cooking. (It can double as a “white board” to write notes and reminders on). Sometimes, I’ll put one vertically on the mantle for a surprise view…

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  1. i like the cheapy hardware store mirror idea!

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