(Video link here.) We are addicted to  Orange Is the New Black, Netflix’s series about a a waspy young woman from Connecticut who must serve a fifteen-month sentence at women’s federal prison for a one-time drug run when she was young. It is full of the make-shift, improvised, survival tactics inmates devise to make their lives liveable. This sweet scene came up in the first week of Piper’s incarceration, when lack of money in her commisary account forces her to devise shower slippers out of sanitary pads. A transgender woman named Sophia shows Piper the stylish sandels she rigged out of silvery duct-tape.


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3 replies on “ms sophia’s duct-tape flip-flops (orange is the new black)

  1. *trans woman or transgender woman would be more accurate

  2. I’ve been binge-watching “Orange is the new Black” and enjoying it thoroughly. Glad to be in your company, ma’am!

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