mette helena rasmussen for sköna hem.
mette helena rasmussen for sköna hem.

When we chose plywood floors for the Laboratory, the idea was that we could paint them as needed. They’d start out an oyster white…and then go who knows where as they became worn or our mood changed. So we’re always on the lookout for cool painted floor ideas, like this one from an old station building-cum-renovated family home in Denmark. The floors have a white base with stenciled patterns on top. Because the pattern is large and spread out, it seems almost random rather than being a tightly-controlled design. The pattern is at once rustic and curiously moderne.

Googling will yield a lot of how-to info about stenciling, including cutting your own designs. Here’s a place to start.

via Style Files

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4 replies on “solution: stenciled painted floors

  1. This post brought to mind the former home of my dear friend Lucia Baratta. Lucia’s very famous interior designer brother, Tony (of Diamond Baratta Design), decorated her home, which was featured in HG back in 2003. He painted the hardwood floors throughout her “Bee Hive” home (named so because Lucia and her then-husband both had surnames beginning with Bs), including beautiful honey bees and sunflowers all over the kitchen floor. (see slide 8). Pix are hard to see, but worth trying.

    Thanks, Sally!

  2. Bees and sunflowers: VERY cool, Anthony. Thanks so much for the link. Very small world, too. I went to school with William Diamond (who knew?!) Diamond Baratta masterminded the wonderful reverse-painted glass wall we posted some time back, which we found in a fat book of their over-the-top design.

  3. Looking atdesigns reminds me of large quilt patterns.

  4. You know, somehow I didn’t see it. You’re so right. Quilt patterns would be an inspiring resource. Thanks!

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