ferdinando scianna/magnum
ferdinando scianna/magnum

Recently, we were browsing through Paperless Post looking for a virtual card to congratulate a couple we know on their twentieth anniversary of being together. We stumbled upon this image by Magnum Photographer Ferdinando Scianna and thought: that’s it!  Over the past year, both members of the couple has been feeling their way, and ultimately leaping to a new work path (and mindset).

The act of looking for an image —one we do daily in preparation for our posts— invariably leads us to artists, photographers, people we didn’t know of…expanding our view. The paperless post image sent us to Magnum’s site to look at Scianna’s portfolio, and then found a number of photos on the theme of improvising and taking risks…

ferdinando scianna/magnum
ferdinando scianna/magnum

…and then on to other of Magnum’s great photographers.

The practice of ‘improvised life’ is to leap, take steps (even a little one)…and one thing leads to another, and the unexpected arrives.

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