studio pepe
studio pepe

Recently we posted about services that sell wall murals —both readymade and custom of your own photograph or design — to transform a room.  The usual approach is to hang one big mural of an image or design on a wall.

We’re smitten with this iteration from Milan-based Studiopepe. The image is a graphic black-and-white photograph, in itself a beautiful touch. It is tiled, that is, the many parts of a huge image appear to have been printed on heavy, slightly warpy paper to make individual tiles (do-able on a printer) that are then composed on a wall. Or else  a clever mural was made and cut to look like tiles. It reminds us of the beautiful tacked-up wallpaper we posted ages ago.

Ditte Isager
Ditte Isager

…and the vintage blueprints used as wallpaper

Jo Henderson (photo), Emma Thomas (stylist)
Jo Henderson (photo), Emma Thomas (stylist)

There’s something about it being monochrome and not perfectly smooth that makes us feel like we’re in a beautiful old photograph.

via Desire to Inspire

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