bold graphic toilet paper
photo: david schwen

Our minimalist self generally thinks classic white toilet paper is just about a perfect design. If you want to make it more graphical, stack it sideways to make a rhythm of its black dot/holes/sides (below) or forge a unique holder, like Alexander Calder‘s…

photos: pedro guerrero
photos: pedro guerrero

…this copper pipe beauty…

pipe toilet paper holder

…or our own made of rocks:

Sally's Bathroom

But we are smitten with this very singular, uncutesy printed toilet paper prototype that got us thinking: Why not?  There is something swell about this bold stripe that avoids obvious jokiness of toilet paper printed like money, or the newspaper.

What other ways to print the paper?  How about 70’s Marimekko-ish designs?  We could imagine some simple zennish poems or haiku for when there’s nothing else to read, printing longways (to read like a teletype) for a thought-provoking moment

In the cherry blossom’s shade

there’s no such thing

as a stranger.


We’d attribute no meaning to its final use, except, perhaps, impermanence.

toilet paper graphics

photo courtesy David Schwen

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