swingin' in the rain
photo: ploma.tumblr.com

We are UP TO OUR EARS redesigning ‘improvised life’ AND creating a bunch of mind-altering new interactions for our readers. After 4 years of posting, we’re tearing things apart and hatching plots. But doing all that AND posting 3 times a day is breaking our heads and running us ragged. So we’re taking a break to regroup, work AND refresh: wander the city, go to the Met to experience the Qureshi installation, perhaps get our next big Laboratory project going.

We’ll back after Labor Day. We’re hoping to have some surprises for you at the end of September.

—The Management

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4 replies on “virtual heat relief/summer fun (we’re taking a staycation)

  1. ANTICIPATING, Awaiting at the edge of my chair………..

  2. Great news! You guys make my day.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do!
    Your success is well deserved.

    You can’t see it until you leave it.

  3. ‘You can’t see it until you leave it’. !!!!!!! That’d be me. (:

  4. Another good lesson about the creative life: sometimes taking a sabbatical is the best solution! Looking forward to the new you.

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