Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Encouraged by our friend Bruce McKenna, we tried Benjamin Moore’s flat matte Aura paint in The Laboratory’s very hard-used kitchen, instead of the usual oil-based eggshell, which we’d assumed was the only really washable paint. But even eggshell would have shown up the really ugly imperfections in this wall. So, in desperation and against our better judgment, we painted backsplash-less wall (we dislike backsplashes for their visual clutter!) and tested the Aura like crazy, seeing if we could wash off cherry and beet juices, reduced red wine, and dabs of olive oil. Hallelujah, we could! Brilliant stuff. The wall looks like matte velvet. One year later, it still looks that way.

We’d recommend it for any wall where you want to disguise the imperfections, say years of old paint. Beyond that, it’s a beautiful finish, and unlike many beautiful things, really practical.

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5 replies on “paint test: beautiful hardworking flat matte Aura

  1. lovely feeling ,all sparse and gently lit.

  2. I love your “lab” posts. Thanks for the tip. Will come in handy for our upcoming renovation.

  3. I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura in my kitchen, too–although on my cabinets. I keep meaning to post about it. Our cabinets were that standard builder’s grade oak that you see so often in new homes, and I primed and painted them. Five years later, they still look great! Amy

  4. Hi Sally,
    Would you please share the name of this white? I’ll add it to my collection of 1000s of white paint chips…(a bit commitment-phobic here). Best, Anne.

  5. Hi, The white is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Maria Robledo told me about it. It has proven to be beautiful in matte Aura latex as well as oil-based gloss.

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