drop cloth slip covers
photo: max zambelli

These very beautiful cloth-draped sofas Max Zambelli teach an essential lesson: ordinary raw materials, artfully arranged, can easily outdo “done”. Zambelli has tucked and smoothed in just the right places, leaving the rest to fall as it may.

It’s a chic play on drop cloth covered sofas. 

Of course, it has much to do with the shape of the sofa AND how wide a piece of fabric you are using. For really wide swathes, our favorite two solutions:

-cotton canvas painter’s drop clothes that come in white or natural (we find the best selection at paint stores like Janovic Plaza OR

-linen flat sheets, which can go up to California King, a hefty 125-x-118-inches without seams. We recommend Rough Linen’s offerings (our comparison shopping show them to be a good value).


via desire to inspire

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3 replies on “chic, draped + wrapped sofa = instant slipcovers

  1. I usually agree with your assessments of beauty, but I just can’t on this one. To me, those sofas don’t seem beautiful, but as thought they’ve been draped in preparation for painting that room (and I wish they would paint it… I’ve never warmed up to cold white rooms), or perhaps they are getting ready to move. The covers do add a bit of texture to an otherwise very stark room, but that’s damning with faint praise…. it really looks like a lazy “solution” to me.

    I guess you can tell I’m getting old, huh?

  2. I don’t think it’s age, just different taste. I’m glad to know your opinion. I think sometimes, I strip things down too much…

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