(Video link here.) A friend sent us this LOL video after someone told her she sometimes appears to be scowling. It seems that she suffers from occasional “bitchy resting face”, even when everything is dandy.

Although we are great believers in tuning in and “reading the signs” of people’s behavior, we also know how wrong our assumptions can be. Very often things are not as they seem, and there can be a whole lot going on behind an expression that we don’t have a clue about. The Bitchy Resting Face video reminds us of one of the most useful lessons we’ve learned in our interactions of co-workers, neighbors, ANYBODY:

assume positive intent


Thanks a million Carole!

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One thought on “the life lesson behind ‘bitchy resting face’

  1. Thanks! I am giggling over here.
    Though actually, from the type of migraine that I have, part of one side of my face doesn’t smile or quite move like the other so it can look like I am unhappy. The last time I went to the neurologist, he pointed out that the other side is now affected–so of course I went and stood in front of a mirror, I look like I have a constant sad face, both corners turn way down. I have to grimace and work very hard for my face to do what looks like just a normal smile now. The video adds humor to it for me 🙂

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