Patrick Strattner

Since we’re always inventing things in our heads, planning out prototypes, sometimes even making them (without perfect success), German photographer Patrick Strattner‘s prototypes of absurd inventions made us smile. We love his fantasies about ways to make everyday life easier and a bit more enjoyable.

There is something curiosly heartening about his hovering grocery shopping assistant with leather hand lead, and apparel with attachable velcro accessories.

Meanwhile, we want to rig sails on the terrace to direct breezes into the apartment…

and attach platforms shooting off railings to extend our outdoor space…

then hack our big old stove’s broiler to accomodate a rotisserie…

and make a special rig so we can safely read our ipad in the bath…

the perfect bag that morphs from tote to shoulder bag to knapsack (we’re close on that one)…

and redesign our 500 worklight (on a dimmer) that illuminates the kitchen to be stylish…

and invent a snore neutralizing device…

and a hat the won’t give hat hair to big-haired people (got that figured out…need to make the prototype…and some time to do it)

and we wonder what would happen if you waxed suede?

…and that is not the half of it…

Patrick Strattner
Patrick Strattner

via Design Boom

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3 replies on “prototypes of fantastical inventions

  1. Well, I can’t help with most but here’s a couple of suggestions: use a board across the bathtub. If you choose a really nice wood and varnish or poly it, it would not be warped by the water and add to the aesthetic at the same time for probably pretty cheap.
    The snore device is called a CPAP for sleep apnea–works like a charm. Both my husband and I use them.
    I’ve seen something like the morph bag you’re talking about, but don’t remember where . . . .

  2. We actually posted about putting a board across the tub…a good simple idea.
    I’m definitely looking into your nore device. I’m not sure about the CPAP…but maybe it’s worth it.

  3. Love how much more we’re seeing stuff like this with the birth of crowd funding!

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