Good Life Project
Good Life Project

Good Life Project‘s Living Creed contains all sorts of bits to inspire your week. (Click on the image to embiggen. To keep it up on your screen, click here.)

Our favorite principles from the list are at the heart of ‘improvised life’:

The biggest wall you’ve gotta climb is the one you build in your mind, you don’t need a hammer to knock it down, just the will to act.

Have a strategy, but be open to serendipity, the best things life are rarely planned.

Uncertainty is a signpost of possibility.

Failure is only failure when it doesn’t move your forward.

via Swiss Miss 

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2 replies on “good life project’s creed, a manifesto for living

  1. Love this one! As I sit in my riad on my last day in Marrakech alone, I am embracing the impulse to venture out into the souks on my own, with all my courage, openness and trust that the world continues to be a wonderful place and that I will meet extraordinary people today! Thank you, Sally and team.

  2. I like your affirmation, and your pluck. Let us know what you find… And thanks for your kind words. We’re glad we can “be there”.

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