Ellen Silverman
Ellen Silverman

Photographer Ellen Silverman has been sending us images of perspective-shifting signs she’s found on the streets of Paris, where she’s taking a breather.

We especially love that someone took the time to scribble ‘look at the sky’ on a random piece of plywood that appears to be hiding among construction work.  It is a fine reminder to look UP. Somehow, it seems even more pressing when you see its environs:

Ellen Silverman
Ellen Silverman

…’regarde le ciel’ seems curiously fitting as we take a week off to get our bearings amidst a stunning crush of life and work, AND put the finishing touches on ‘improvised life’s responsive new look, which we hope to launch on Monday, October 21st.

This will be the last week of ‘improvised life’ Classic, the original design it came into the world with several years ago.


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2 replies on “random act of kindness: message written in the street

  1. love looking at the sky! Can not wait for the new look!

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