Yes, you ARE at Improvised Life.

We’ve changed our look but not our mission. The comfortable old site, lovingly-created only 4 years ago, had become too small a container for all our ideas, and too difficult to read on the many devices people use these days. That’s how fast things change!

So we redesigned it to make reading easy and fun, allow you to JUMP around its vast archive and check out new projects and products we are developing.

We are practicing what we preach: embracing change, trying new things, seeing what happens…

We feel like we did when we published Improvised Life’s very first post in 2009: ready to LEAP, letting go of being perfect. We simply posted the sign:


…and started this big adventure, open to whatever came. The redesign represents another leap:

leap henry hamilton bennett
Henry Hamilton Bennett

Knowing how WE feel when our favorite sites, magazines or stores change their design, forcing us to figure how how to navigate them anew, we expect that some of our readers may find the new site something of a shock. (We’re still getting used to the New Yorker’s redesign.) We encourage you to explore: click every dropdown menu, especially INSPIRATION to see the range of our postings. Click on a category there to see pages of thumbnails of whatever subject interests you. If you want a surprise, we recommend Random on the right sidebar.

We invite you to weigh-in with your thoughts about the new Improvised Life and especially, to let us know what you think doesn’t work, glitches you find, confusions, suggestions in the Comments box below. Be sure to tell us what browser and device you are using.  (Please don’t send them through Contact Us, as your Comments won’t be viewed publicly there, and we can’t respond to a flood of emails).

We welcome all feedback, both positive and negative. (And if you want to compare the new with the old, you can use the WayBack Machine to revisit the one that served us well for four years.

And, as always, we welcome you to Improvised Life.

The Management

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4 replies on “Welcome to Improvised Life’s new redesign

  1. I have a culinary improvisation I would like to share but I don’t see a place on the site to share a wee story and photos. Can you advise?

  2. Hi Lesley, Unfortunately there is no way to just upload your improvisation here; the technology and cost of that is beyond our means presently. But you could send it to me…. [email protected]. I’d love to see/hear about it.

  3. Hey – new ‘friend with benefit’ here – LOVE the site. Did this promised story ever appear? Sounds really interesting: “Coming soon: a bathtub-obsessed renovator’s search for the perfect 5-foot alcove tub and how she made it REALLY comfortable.” Thanks!

  4. No the story has not yet appeared, as I’ve been trying to get to photographing it properly. But it will, SOON, as it was a real challenge: my previous apartment had a big prewar tub with a perfect “slope” for the back, so I could really relax and hang out. I figured out how to duplicate that with a 5-footer…Will do, soon.

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