We were hanging out at our friend Isabel Rowers’s room, watching as she decorated her room with an antique Japanese garland she’d found in a second-hand store. What we love, in addition to Isabel’s wonderful mashup of color and design, are the posters and photographs afixed to her ceiling with a staple gun.

So our frequent recommendation to LOOK UP, really yields a shift of view in Isabel’s room.

The question is: what view do you want to look at when you lie in bed?

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Are for the practicalities. We’ve used a basic staple gun for this purpose. It shoots fine into drywall. We haven’t tried it in a plaster ceiling. When pulled out (with a plyers), the staples leave little holes that can be easily spackled and repainted. Or left. Most people don’t look up at a ceiling if nothing big draws there eye there.


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