(Video link here.) Fashion designer Rick Owen’s blew fashionistas away with his rad fashion show in Paris recently, where models were real-girl step dancers. They brought fierce energy and Africa-rooted moves to the usual fashion show venue. They also showed that Owens’ designs work just fine on all sorts of bodies, breaking the usual svelt dictum that makes so many women feel bad. These big women are a celebration!

Even watching just a few minutes is a great way to start Monday. You can also crank up the music and dance.

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4 replies on “rick owens’ step-dancing big girls fashion show

  1. This made me cry; I don’t know why.

    Thank you.

  2. What a video! It made my day too especially knowing designers are creating outside the usual size zero realm. Thank you, thank you for posting!

  3. That was mesmerizing! Thanks.

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