People, Stylish Interiors, Everything…Ages and Changes!

Aging, in oneself or one’s surroundings, is nearly impossible to see until, suddenly, it has already happened. Shiny new paint become dingy and marked; interiors and websites become dated, and as we see from these remarkable gifs, WE ourselves, slowly change…We are all in process. Aging provides many gifts. Perhaps the most valuable one is simple…

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5 Famous ‘Nap Takers’ Give Us Permission to Rest Midday

Need permission to take a nap in the middle of your day? Check out the ever-illuminating Daily Routines, a website about how various famous writers, artists, designers and other brilliant creatives organize their day. Practices include drinking, drug-taking, rising early, exercising, working late into the night, and procrastinating, among others. Perhaps the most eccentric nap routine:…

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