(Video link here.)  The amazing Yoko Ono’s new video embraces being a BAD DANCER, and doing it anyway, WITH NO REGRETS. As she says: When your heart is dancing, your mind is bouncing!  

Break a leg

Cut the thread

I’m a bad dancer

Full speed ahead!

As usual, she undermines accepted wisdom, judgments and inhibition, and encourages us all to DANCE.

via Flavorwire


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5 replies on “yoko ono’s ‘bad dancer’: no regrets!

  1. Being told you are a “bad dancer” is an insidious, inhibiting curse that takes away all pleasure. Yay for Yoko!

  2. Its not how you look….its how you feel when you dance. Let whatever wiggle you feel move you!

  3. Yoko Ono and John Lennon gave a party once where everyone wore a bag on their head. Bad Dancer is kind of the same thing. Get rid of the self and have some fun. Way to go Yoko!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Boy, is that a party I would loved to have witnessed. “Get ride of the self and have some fun!!!!!”

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