The 1968 hit by Friend & Lover, ‘Reach Out of The Darkness’ is a combination of upbeat GROOVY joy and a message about taking a risk to reach out and connect. Very 1968, for sure, but why not very now?

It segues with the surprising response Photographer Richard Renaldi got when he asked random people he met on the street of New York City to pose in pictures together as if they were family. Watch these strangers “reaching out in the darkness” here. Sweet and awesome.

I think it’s so groovy now
That people are finally getting together
I thinks it’s so wonderful and how
That people are finally getting together
Reach out in the darkness
Reach out in the darkness
Reach out in the darkness
And you may find a friend

I knew a man that I did not care for
And then one day this man gave me a call
We sat and talked about things on our mind
And now this man he is a friend of mine
Don’t be afraid of love
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid to love
Everybody needs a little love
Everybody needs somebody
That they can be thinking of

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