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2 replies on “Daily Exercise Routine: Dancing, Leaping, Frolicking, Joy

  1. As a long time reader I am very disappointed in your redesign. It seems designed for someone with an extra large screen. The non-moving header doesn’t even allow me to see one whole picture on my screen at the same time. I do not read stuff on the web on my phone for this very reason. I do think that I’m done reading here as the difficulty is too much for my eyes. I am sorry for this as I’ve enjoyed your work in the past.

  2. Hi, We’re working on the issue of the header being to big on certain devices, namely ipad and 13” screens. We’re thinking of scrapping the fixed header for exactly the reason you say.
    Could you tell me what you generally read improvised life on? We’re still trying to get it right. Rather than leave, why not help us work it out?

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