On a visit to Scandinavia House some time ago, we stepped into a wildly-painted elevator; every surface covered. It made us wonder, Why is elevator design SO boring?  We understand the practical materials needed. But not make them fabulously patterned, or beautiful colors or holographic? Why not a few moments of compelling beauty in the ride up or down?

A google image search of “elevator interiors” yielded only a couple of snappy possibilities of a Marimekko-ish elevator interiors. We longed to see innovative uses like the best-ever elevator we’d seen “The Elevator Shaft Museum“.  Then we added “art” to the search term and found…. 

elevator interior marimekko

a video of a woman who made her home in an elevator, which was, of course, an art project. (Video link here.)

Lots of possibilities for these small rooms with doors that don’t open inwards: pure square footage for the imagination…

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