Laurie Anderson’s Farewell to Lou Reed: ‘Some Kinda Love’

We were very moved by Laurie Anderson’s Farewell to Lou Reed in Rolling Stone. We’ve excerpted a chunk, but it’s well worth reading the whole beautiful thing: rich insight into two very original people improvising a life together. Anderson’s words need no commentary: “How strange, exciting and miraculous that we can change each other so much, love…

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Friday link-o-later: cool links for weekend reading

Optical Illusion Sofas You Can Sit On: a useful optical illusion to make a room look larger, even with a real sofa? Beautiful LEGO, A Book Featuring LEGO Masterpieces Built by Designers Worldwide: inspiration for one of our favorite building fantasy materials. Steven Curry’s swell photo essay, Child’s Play is truly an ‘exultation of the possible’…

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