Ever since we’ve been mulling various hidden bed interations about a year ago, we’ve been atuned to novel solutions. At the top of the list is the moveable bed Vincent Kartheiser (of Mad Men fame) installed in his tiny 580 sq. ft Hollywood cabin. The brainstorm of designer Funn Roberts, the bed is suspended from the ceiling with a serious of pulleys and weights that allow Kartheiser to raise and lower it easily.

When the bed is pushed up, the slab wood headboard folds out to a desk.

Joe Pugliese / Dwell
Joe Pugliese / Dwell

It’s really clever…

Joe Pugliese / Dwell
Joe Pugliese / Dwell

…though we’re not crazy about a bedsize box hanging from the ceiling (which would have to be pretty high), though it does appear to float.

Still, we’re happy to have the basic notion stored in our head, a possibile solution for who-knows-what design problem.

via Design Milk   

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One thought on “A Cool Moveable Bed Suspended from the Ceiling?

  1. Funn Roberts’ design is innovative. He deserves the plaudits and he is in very good company.

    Thomas Jefferson had a bed that raises to the ceiling in his home in Monticello, Va. If you ever visit, ask the docent about it when you visit his bedroom. The counterweights not longer work but it is there just the same. I found out when I was researching a patent for this idea 38 years ago.

    Also ask to see the indoor bathroom in the closet next to his bed. Tom was a remarkable man.

    Funn, way to resurrect a great idea.

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