(Video link here.) We love knowing about people who make the decision to change their lives radically and take a leap onto what might seem an opposite path; the willingness to change is at the very heart of improvising. So we were really interested to hear why Ani Chudrun, who used to present Top Gear, the BBC TV program about cars and driving, gave up fame in 1993 to become a Buddhist nun.

In this quiet, curiously fast-moving 7-minute video portrait, Chudrun explains what led her away from a life of celebrity, drugs and materialism to one of reflection, compassion and ritual. 

Everything I was doing wasn’t fulfilling and I just wanted to start again.

The  27 years before I became a nun, when I look at them now, they look like what they were…they’re years spent wondering what’s going on here…What’s going on…Nothing kind of makes any sense.

Shot at Ani’s home in a forest in Sussex, the film shows how one person can transform their life in the search for meaning. It is not as easy as it looks.

This life, I don’t know how far I’ll get in that whole long journey, but it’s further then I would have got if I wasn’t trying.

via The Dish via Planetary Collective

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