Images of christmas garlands made by school kids in Cuba (below) made us think of the materials at hand for making something pretty using the basic model of fan-folded paper and paper chains, strips of cloth etc. That sent us imagining and hunting around, and we found a trove of possibilities, offered here just to spur your imagination, for a weekend of making perhaps…

The photo at top came from a workshop Anthropologie gave. They’re nothing more than a few strips of Kraft paper, glue and paper clips. Instructions here.

Anthropologie via
Anthropologie via

A collection of buttons and twine make for a charming garland:

Look what little paper candy cups or cupcake liners can become, in league with some rounds of fabric.

Diy here.

For more inspiration, you’ll find a trove here.


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2 replies on “Ideas for Improvising: Cool DIY Holiday Garlands + Decorations

  1. Hi Dominique. It is a pleasure to share your great post. THANK YOU for documenting the Anthropolie workshop.

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