After we posted about L’Econome, our favorite paring knife and wonderful, inexpensive holiday gift, AND mentioned it on public radio’s The Splendid Table, the two online stores we recommended ran out. We received an email right away from Chris Hyde, the owner of World Knives, to say that he’d placed an emergency order to France and hoped to have them in soon. SOON was an understatement. The knives arrived on Saturday and World Knives has a trove, with the exception of the orange color. But there are LOTS of other colors, which you can check out here.  (There’s still time to get them by Christmas.) NOTE: World Knives reports that they ran out of their huge stock AGAIN, a day after we posted this. They’ve put in another emergency order to France but won’t get them until after Christmas. No matter, really. If they were meant to be an Xmas gift, we recommend writing a nice “voucher” stating “One swell gift from France to be given after the holidays” or something like that.

But these knives make a great gift anytime of year. We have friends who have bought ALL the colors and use them as their ‘everything’ knife, for cooking, serving cheese and salami, and as steak knives at table. (Above are two L’Economes we’ve used for years, wonderfully worn. Below are some spanking new ones. They age WELL, with lots of character.)

Aside from discovering World Knives‘ great collection of useful things (beyond knives), and their stellar customer service, we were thrilled to read this from Chris

After more than 20 phone calls and several e-mails to contact customers about the back order situation I was shocked at the quality of the buyers. People were very gracious, understanding and did not have anyone who as much
as let on they were disappointed. Yours and Splendid Table’s demographic are delightful!

Well, we knew that, have experienced it for years through comments and emails our readers send, but it sure was wonderful to read.

l'econome paring-knives-1

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4 replies on “World Knives on L’Econome Paring Knives and Our Readers

  1. After your post I ordered 4 knives. I recieved a message on my answering machine from Chris regarding out of stock colors. I thought that it was amazing that he took the time to call about my small order.

  2. These are wonderful knives but I might recommend extraordinary knives from Spain.. They are made by a company called Pallares Solsona. Very outstanding!!!!

  3. Yeah, I’ve become a big fan of World Knives because of how they handled they incredible crush of people wanting those knives. THAT’S great customer service. And he stayed in touch with me about the shortage, concerned about my readers. Makes those knives worth waiting for.

  4. I just took a look on Google Images. They look very cool. I hope to check em out in person. Thanks.

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