(fos), a multidisciplinary team of interior designers and art directors based in Madrid and Barcelona, applies their creative talents to all kinds of projects,  including this ephemeral façade on a Madrid restaurant. They used yellow tape to create the illusion of a beam of light.

Applied outdoors, this idea is ephemeral because the elements will degrade the tape. We see it as a wonderful idea to apply indoors.


…We’re thinking masking tape would be the best, impermanent bet, unless you’re sure you want to live with it. Googling “yellow masking tape” yields a trove of hues. Japanese washi tape offers lots of possibilities.



 via Design Milk

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2 replies on “Inspired Tape Wall Illusion, Indoors or Out

  1. Why tape and not paint? Is it supposed to be temporary?

  2. Yep. I think that was the idea ALTHOUGH, if paint would certainly be swell…

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