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2 replies on “How to Hang Pictures via Henri Matisse

  1. Hello.
    I’m looking for a word I lost. It’s a foreign word to describe a space of one’s own. (I think that’s right).
    I read an article online about a man who built a little house/ retreat for himself in the back yard, without his wife noticing. (I think she said she would have liked a similar place).
    I think I found the link to the article through Improvised Life.
    Does that ring any bells for you? Can you help me find the word?

  2. Hello! I think you meant the backyard retreat Philip Besonen built in his backyard. I wrote about it here And there is a New York Times article about it here.

    Could the word you are looking for be “mokki”? “A mokki (rhymes with hokey) is a small unassuming cottage much beloved in Finland, where Philip had roots. “Mokkis …were invariably off by themselves near lakes or trees, in settings where you could find peace. The feeling of serenity was the most striking thing about them.” wrote Philip.

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