Ever since Holton Rower gave us an issue of Maurizio Cattelan’s magazine-book Toilet Paper (where we found the image above),  we’ve been following the artist’s work. Recently, we started hunting Cattelan’s words and found much about living and making that resonated:

I was a loser, most concerned with making a living. It took me 30 years to understand… I had to reinvent a system, find a way out, and set some rules that could work for me and a few others. I guess in the end that’s what we all are trying to do. 

… there are three different kinds of revolutionaries: those who want to change things; those who are into the fight but couldn’t care less if things change or not; and those who work following their instinct, responding to a situation in a personal way that can end up having collective results — and that can affect the world a lot more. That last model is possibly the one I’m interested in most.

Such a powerful idea: reinvent your own system, and set of rules that work for you.

For more Cattelan, we recommend this overview from his 2012 retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, and its very good video (watch full screen) Video link HERE.

Also check out this interview.

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