Maria Robledo sent us two images from Francois Halard, a retrospective collection of the famed interiors photographer’s work. When pressed, she wrote this message:

Copied it at the bookstore.
Didnt buy it.
Not sure if i like it.

These images are VERY Improvised Life: a rough, beautiful, low wood slab bench to sit on or display art work. And the very cool copper pipe faucet, below. But most of the images we’ve seen online have been of some very effete spaces of “the most important tastemakers, artists, and designers of the twentieth century”. We’re not sure how many practical ideas we’d actually gather from it, though we do find the range of expression compelling (and we have posted some of the spaces, like Casa Malaparte and Villa Noailles). Dig the table of contents with its eclectic array of people and spaces:

Francois Halard contents

The copper pipe faucet, sliced at an extreme angle, is a dandy…

Francois Halard
Francois Halard

…as is this Halard’s kitchen with its island of slab wood on saw horses, and a comfortable chair in the corner.

Francois Halard
Francois Halard


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2 replies on “Francois Halard’s Big Book of Interiors

  1. Sally, I enjoy your blog so very much. It is inspiring. Thank you for the thought and effort you put into it and for being generous.

  2. Well, thank you so much! ‘Inspiring’ is just the word I hope for.

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