Heating pipes and radiators are common to a lot of New York City apartments and are often forgotten in the design process. Drawing attention to them however, and having the freedom to paint them any color we choose, can add a cool curiously modern feel to a room. This design idea from Dabito is simple, but incredibly effective and easy to create.

What is equally as inventive though, is how the idea came about. While staying in New York City, Dabito says his friend let him “crash at his shoebox studio for three months in exchange for some decorating help”

Davito’s fresh set of eyes AND the opportunity to have really lived in the space proved a great combination for designing a home that’s both functional and beautiful.

It got us thinking more about enlisting friends to give their unique perspective to spaces or design issues that have become too familiar for us to “see”. Just a few trusted words can make us look at our places in a different way, and that can inspire a whole array of new ideas…

…like this rough two-tone painted wall….

radiator design oldbrandnewblog

Eleanor Findlay via Old Brand New


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2 replies on “Design Swap Brilliance: Painted Radiators and Pipes

  1. I often want to do this to our radiators and pipes – have thought about it for years, but concern about off-gassing from a very hot source and the toxic implications, have forced me to stay with boring old silver heat-safe radiator paint. Any thoughts anyone?

  2. Good question. I hadn’t thought of that. Although come to think of it, I’ve lived in many apartments where old radiators were painted…just NOT in bright colors. It would be worth calling the paint company’s tech department for info on temperature tolerances. Often that info is on the internet under “Specifications”.

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