(Video link HERE.) This teeny video of Austrian Artist Klemens Torggler clever ‘Evolution Door,’ has been flying around the internet. It sets the common concept of a door — opening via hinges or running on a track —literally on end. The Evolution is a rotating geometric flip-panel door system that opens up with momentum and looks like origami. It eliminates the space that a typical door needs to open out. Says Torggler: The special construction makes it possible to move the door sideways without the use of tracks…a technical trick that opens up new applications for the door. In the process of designing the door, Torggler came up with 5 variations on the basic mechanism which further expand the possibilities (and our mind)…

We found two more short videos showing the door made of different materials; they made us think Torggler’s re-envisioning of the door is NOT just a design exercise, but a truly original solution. Check out the fab iteration in steel,  and the many very cool prototypes made since 2006, below.

Here’s the Evolution Door in steel (Video link HERE):

…AND The Evolution Door prototypes with painted wood and cut-out panels. (Video link HERE.)

We LOVE seeing ways that people re-think the ordinary and expected, like those guys that reinvented the cardboard box.

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