Artist Qozop juxtaposed the dress of youths with that of their elders in an project designed to show that societal beliefs and traditions are often reflected through the clothing we wear, especially in Asian cultures. By swapping the clothing of the young with that of their elderly relatives, Qozop literally places them in the others shoes.

We’ve been using Qozop’s strategy as an interesting exercise in imagination. While waiting in line, or sitting on a bus, we imagine ourselves wearing the outfit of a random person we see. How would we feel in those clothes? Would it change who we are, or how we perceive ourselves?

…It’s a process in visualization that tells us much about what we value as important, identify with, have opinions or make assumptions about.

Illuminating and strangely fun.

Meanwhile, we just came across this video of performance art installation The Machine to be Another, a “gender swap” experiment in which two people stand in a room, each wearing a Rift (virtual reality)  headset. They agree on and synchronize their movements. But while they feel their own bodies, they “see” out of each other’s eyes. (Video link HERE.)

via Design Boom via Qozop

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One thought on “Mindshift: Imagine Wearing Someone Else’s Outfit (or Body)

  1. What’s equally fascinating is how the body language reveals as much about the person as the clothes do!

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