We’re smitten with this two-poster bed we stumbled on in the portfolio of Jean Marc Palisse. Two old columns from who-knows-where were affixed to a bed frame to become bedposts, and an charming eccentric detail that defines the rustic space.

We’ve long seen architectural columns for sale in antique, junk and salvage stores. Years ago we dragged home a pair of Corinthian pylasters we found on the street (a woman in a fur coat stopped to help us). We put them on either side of a doorway to cool out the modern lines of the apartment.

Here’s a trove of columns to spur your imagination:

columns to repurpose

…and a couple of examples of beds made from vintage columns. Though fussier and frillier than the spare one above, they give the gist…


…Here, porch columns were made into for bed post, with pipe for curtain rods….


Top image Jean Marc Palisse

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