When we saw this 1936 image by the fantastic architect/designer/inventor/photographer Carlo Mollino, we thought: What a beautiful cut-out wall creating a sensual window into another room.

We looked closer to wondered if it was a perfectly cut-out curtain or bent plywood wall (like an Eames screen)…

And when we looked even closer we wondered if what we thought was a cut-out was really an IMAGE, or an artwork, displayed to look like a view into another room.

Carlo Mollino
Carlo Mollino

Which is what is just may be. What brilliance!

Mollino, we’ve discovered, has a huge body of photography work, nudes mostly, many on Polaroid film.

We found two that we thought might be the inspiration for his optical illusory peephole. They share a similar silhouette…

nusw Carlo-Mollino-1

A free-associating linkage of ideas………???

via AQQ Index

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4 replies on “Carlo Mollino’s Sexy Cut-Out Wall for Adults

  1. I love the ideas about the cutout, but it sure looks like a mirror hanging on a curtain to me. Beautiful ideas just the same!

  2. A MIRROR! Eureka! That’s one we hadn’t seen, but now that you mention it…And what a mirror it would be! Thanks a million.

  3. Marti beat me to it. It’s definitely a mirror. How does one cut a mirror to shape, I wonder?

  4. Yeah, and THAT shape. Fab.

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