Anne Johnson alerted us to the most astonishing of websites: Berry Colleges Eagle Cam. At any time of day or night, you can watch a live eagle in its nest. We find it to be an INSTANT shift of view. Anne wrote: Fun when you get to see the baby she is sitting on. 

And in fact, within minutes of watching we saw the mother eagle shift to reveal her baby and two eggs. Then her mate appeared to to relieve her from her duties. He carefully tended to the eaglet and spread his feathers over it to protect and keep it warm, patiently THERE. You can watch it full screen or switch to Nest Came View, to see the eagles come and go.

Eagle Cam nest view Berry college

…OMG, we can’t believe we are watching an eagle tenderly feed its young…

eagle cam Berry college 5


eagle cam berry college 4

Click here to go directly to the Eagle Cam. Into the wild we go!

Thanks a million Anne! (Anne’s new blog is here.)

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