There are a number of great ideas in this image of antique dealer Lars Kristensen’s Copenhagen home. We’ve blogged the essential ideas before but think Kristensen’s unique take worth checking out.  Mismatched chairs —someof them outdoor chairs — are interesting to look at and give the room unexpected jolts of color. Three tables pushed together make one big one that can be easily reconfigured. But our favorite is the painting with its cockeyed rectangle, which breaks up the room’s straight lines and rectangles and gives it a more fluid look. We’d love to know who the artist is, would LOVE to own that painting. 

Since we can’t, we use it for inspiration: That rough cockeyed rectangle would be beautiful just painted right on the wall…

…or on a canvas. We once saw a huge, floor-to-ceiling ‘modern’ canvas on the wall interior designer Tom Fallon‘s former apartment. Tom is not a artist per se, but has a fabulous eye and is fearless when it comes to trying interior design ideas out. One day, he created a “painting” on a huge stretched canvas. He hung it on a wall as a neutral backdrop to the eclectic array antiques in the room. It LOOKED like a serious painting, but was really a simple design element.

Tom Fallon Design
Tom Fallon Design

via French by Design 

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