Wandering along the Highline one day, we came upon a lone musician playing an upbeat sax with the faint sound of cymbalss and drums in the background. We looked down to see his astonishingly hacked sneakers. He had added little cymbals and percussion instruments to them so that when he tapped his feet, they beat out a back rhythm.

A bit of heartening imaginative brilliance we see daily around town.

sax guy w shoes chelsea 2

We thought of Howard Rheingold asking, “Why doesn’t everyone paint his own shoes?”.  Turning shoes into instruments is a nice addition to that theme.

Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold


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2 replies on “Sax Player with Hacked Drumset Sneakers

  1. love the creativity of people on the grind. Small typo in the link to painting shoes

  2. Thanks for the head-up about the typo. Fixed now. I was blind.

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