I confess to being a barbarian. I routinely check out artists work for ideas I can apply as home design elements. I wonder why my generous artist friends don’t come banging down my door angry at my canabalization of pure art for utilitarian means. They don’t. And I keep finding inspiration from artist’s work, like these paintings by Shaan Syed¬†currently on view at the Ana Cristea Gallery.

I love the wavy, scalloped color-block motif, with wood showing through. Would I use it on a wall, a room screen, or on the big panel of the Murphy bed I am in the process of designing?

Shaan Syed Ana Cristea Gallery yellow curve painting

I don’t know yet. But I DO know that I’ve gotten the pleasure of enjoying Syed’s work AND ideas to file for inspiration down the line.

via You Have Been Here Sometime

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