We recently stumbled on this great sign at Funders and Founders, a website of infographics about entrepreneurship.

We are startup evangelists and infographic authors. Our mission is to inspire everyone from engineers to moms to do a startup. 

YES! We are great believers that “it’s NEVER too late to start”, the key word being START. When people hear the word entrepreneur, they usually think MONEY…as in startup to make $$$$$$$.  But entrepreneurs can have a variety of goals, way beyond the making of money. The word entrepreneur comes from the French means “one who undertakes”. We know lots of people doing that:

Julie Saltman, the ninety something, who undertook to create a system of inexpensive transportation for seniors aging in place in car-centric no-public-transportation suburban communities…

Ellen Silverman went to Cuba to photograph, not knowing what she would find. She’s made a wonderful body of work about Cuban Kitchens that is about to published as a cookbook, AND has gone to graduate school to learn video…

David Saltman decided to write a historical novel about Harry Houdini. The research he’s done has been so rigorous  and original that the Library of Congress asked him to become their Houdini consultant…

Entrepeneurs — ones who undertake —are all over the place.

Starting something at a late age may not allow for complete mastery or public success (though it often might). But for sure it can lead to satisfaction and illumination.

Funders and Founders has a trove of infographics that help you think like an entrepreneur. We especially like The Mind Subway:


via A City That Endures

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