Anthony Giglio tweeted this image of ad hoc cuff links someone at Crunch Gym helped him make out of binder clips as he was getting ready to head to a lunch. They are forthright and strangely chic…because they are so….off-the-cuff. THAT’S what that expression means: “ not prepared in advance : done without planning or preparation”

We’ve long relied on binder/presentation clips to secure buttonless jackets and sweaters, as well as shawls. We prefer the stainless clips to the black and keep assortment of different sizes on hand to suit the size to the purpose (12 mini clips – (5/8 x 1/4); 12 small clips – (3/4 x 5/16); 6 medium clips – (1 1/4 x 5/8) come in a pack of 30 for $7).

binder clips silver

Sometimes, we soften the shine with a fine grit sanding sponge.

The clips also great for clipping packages of tea and other foods closed for storage….

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider


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4 replies on “Binder Clips for Cuff Links + Other Last MInute Fashion Fixes

  1. I have used binder clips to pull back my hair on a hot day at the office when no appropriate hair devices were available. It beat the rubber band!

  2. Two of my favorite ad hoc ‘grippers’ are band aids or duct tape to repair falling hems (sometimes I forget them and they stay in place for years, surviving laundromats and dry cleaners), and electrical ties.

    Electrical ties come in a array of sizes and colors from tiny 3-inchers to 18 inch tarp ties. I use them to construct incredibly sturdy garden structures out of found bamboo poles to grow everything from tomatoes, to beans, cucumbers and huge, boulderheavy, winter squash. At the end of the season, clip the ties, stack the poles, rake, and let the ground go fallow until next season. Forget permanent, rusting metal wire and stakes. Go light, go Japanese.

    One caveat: the plastic ties are not biodegradable, and SHOULD be. I’ve badgered all the manufacturers to come up with a biodegradable tie, but had no response at all. Time to launch a green campaign?

  3. I hadn’t thought of that. GREAT IDEA!. Thanks.

  4. You never cease to amaze me, Susan. By electrical tie, do you mean these, also known as cable ties” target=”_blank”>Cable Ties? We might need to do a post about them…

    And I TOTALLY get with the taped-up hem…

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