This kitchen is so stylish and inviting, we’re wondering if it’s in process and unfinished OR if it’s purposely as is: walls wonderlly patterned from the removal of old storage, a clamp task light, a ladder rigged with shelves, tables as counters, a hot plate. We’ve cooked in many a kitchen outfitted this way, with great pleasure, in part due to the constraints it imposes. We found we could cook about anything; it just made us think differently about how to do it.

It is a RELIEF to see this original, undone kitchen…

We found a few more images here of the transformation as the work progressed, in the Copenhagen home of Niels Strøyer Christophersen, the founder of Frama CPH.

Ditte Isager
Ditte Isager

It is a reminder to LOOK when you take down walls and cabinets, to see exactly what the aged walls are expressing with a beauty all their own.

via Emma’s Design Blog

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