The other day, I stopped in at Lady Lexi’s Sweets, a new bakery in my Harlem neighborhood. Lexi’s business cards read:  “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.”

Among the display stands of cookies, cupcakes and peanut brittle were some bags of cookies with a sign that said: OOPS COOKIES. What are Oops Cookies? I asked.

Those are cookies that didn’t turn out right —their shape I mean — we dropped them onto the sheet funny so they’re kind of cockeyed. But they still taste good. We call ’em Oops Cookies.

Clever entrepreneur Lexi just packaged the odd-shaped-not-quite-as-intended cookies as something charming. Brilliant.


Oops Cookies 1

Reframing is worth doing with all sorts of things that routinely go out-of-control.

If you’re in the mood for making Oops Cookies of your own, I recommend Gigi Blue‘s Salty-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie from Canal House Cooks Every Day
Christopher Hirscheimer
Christopher Hirscheimer

…or my own Brown Sugar Butter Cookies with Many Improvisations, a PDF from The Improvisational Cook. As you can see from these Brown Sugar Butter Cookies With Thyme-Rosemary-Lavender Salt

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

…they are guaranteed to be cockeyed and delish!

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

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4 replies on “Weekend Fun: Oops Cookies

  1. I haven’t even had breakfast yet and you’re making me want to start baking cookies instead! Thank you for sharing your Brown Sugar Butter Cookie recipe – I look forward to improvising with it.

  2. oh my goodness these are good!
    i can always trust your cooking…
    thank you for your work

  3. Great start into a new week. Love the quote and even more happily have another spoon of crumble (strawberry-rhubarb) for breakfast. I think I am going to be stressed all day. N.

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