We recently came across another clever possibility in the realm of cardboard, one of our favorite materials, especially corrugated cardboard which is lightweight, durable, recyclable, and inexpensive: the cardboard standing desk. Recently a Kickstarter campaign, you can order one from Chairigami for $95, or copy the design analyzing the gif, below.

A standing desk allows you to work on your feet rather than sitting idly. Standing while working requires balance, engaging your back, shoulders, and leg muscles, burning energy, and keeping you focused. It’s a great way to make working healthier.  Recently, a trove of makeshift iterations have appeared online: milk crates propped on tables, laptop heights adjusted by stacks of books. The Chairigami design is easy to hack and extremely forgiving, and allows for a sleeker, very customizable look.

You can tailor the height to your body by trimming down the cardboard legs.

chairigami cardboard standing desk kickstarter 1

Sharpie, paint, or silk screen the desk surface with your favorite designs or logos (or cover with a giant collage). Cut holes for power cords, monitors, and speakers.


Since the Chairgami is basically a good height for working, it could make a nice, collapsible counter/work table for hand work/projects as well.

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2 replies on “A Cardboard Standing Desk to Buy or DIY

  1. I love the standing desk so much I’m probably going to order one shortly. I have done the “stack of books on a counter top” thing for raising my laptop to standing height and both my husband and I loved it. I’m in the planning stages of a new home office space for myself and I think I love the idea of having a portable standing desk I could move around the room to change my view. The room’s southern window looks out over our pond and forest, the west-facing window looks out across fields to the lake, looking across the room gives a nice view of the fire in the fireplace. It’s hard to choose which view (I know, pauvre moi) and because I”m a dedicated sun follower too I love the idea of the flexibility of just picking up my desk and moving it to whatever spot is the sunniest or most appealing at the moment. Thanks, Sally, for showcasing this intriguing product and this innovative young engineer.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that the post resonates. Stay-tuned for an accidental discovery for making standing long periods of time more comfortable. (The problem with standing desks seems to be that it can be hard on one’s legs.) I hope to post this simple, inexpensive add-on next week.

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