Jake Lodwick created an online-customizable, free-print-out management system called Standards. According to Lodwick: In a matter of months, you’ll be a high-performing, self-directed Überperson – guaranteed!”

He uses it himself: Every week, he uses this site to print a PDF with the things he wants to do (and not do) that week. Then he tapes it to a wall and puts a check or an X in each box as the week goes on.

It’s an example of how tangible, simple, rigorously-prioritized lists of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that you check off when completed can help to shift habits and help you achieve more balance.

We’re gonna try it. (Ours is above, complete with classic IL typo!) Seems fitting for the first day of May: a new start!

To create and print out your own personalized list, go to We Have Standards.

via 99u

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2 replies on “Standards, a NON Digital Self Management System

  1. Once again, The Improvised Life delivers to my inbox exactly what I was needing. I’ve been struggling over the last few days (ok, weeks) to come up with a way to track how I’m doing on a number of things that are necessary to my well-being but so often get pushed off the schedule. Of course, part of the problem is my agonizing over finding/creating the “perfect” format to use. Since a perfectly good-looking format has just landed in my inbox most fortuitously, I can print and go without any more procrastination. Sally, I don’t know how you do it, but please continue!
    Many thanks and happy May,
    –RC at Catbird Farm

  2. Sometimes simple is better: handwritten, on a simple chart of what’s REALLY important. Let me know how it works for you.

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