Our friend Chris Eldredge alerted us to a fashion trend he’s noticed: Men Wearing Skirts. He said that he’s seen a number of stylishly dressed men wearing skirts lately —definitely NOT in drag. Interesting. A search took us to The Facebook page of Women Wear Pants. Let Men Wear Skirts, which features a lot of compelling examples (below).  We love its philosophy, which is curiously in line with Improvised Life:

 Be fearless. Wear what you want to wear, if it pleases you. Don’t skirt the issue. Male fashion equality. It’s only fair.


Kanye West in concert via Let Men Wear Skirts
Kanye West in concert via Let Men Wear Skirts

Men Wearing Skirts has been a rising movement even before hip hop recording artist Kanye West  caused a stir among athe heterosexual, Rap/HipHop, and African-American community for wearing a leather skirt during a performance in 2011. Army veteran Noah Galloway (featured on MTV’s True Life) ran the Tough Mudder obstacle course in his kilt.

Let Men Wear Skirts
Let Men Wear Skirts

Women know how great wearing a skirt can be. Why shouldn’t men? Check out more Men in Skirts at Women wear pants. Let Men wear skirts

What do you think of men —or your man— wearing skirts?


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3 replies on “The “Let Men Wear Skirts” Movement

  1. Speaking up for earlier days, and the history of the kilt, I must say I have long loved them and, certainly think men should be free to wear skirts. Not exactly what you are talking about here, but still innovative in a commercial way. Here is a video of a window washing company that made kilts the dress code for workers, and quite successfully so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hey6Kxfrlw8

  2. The V&A published a book in 2003, “Bravehearts/Men in Skirts.” It’s one of my favorites!

  3. Predictably there persists the heavy handed overtone, “if men want to wear skirts, it has to be kilts.” The reason people show this simpleton’s trajectory is because kilts are already to an extent, part of their consciousness. Since they aren’t used to seeing men in skirts that aren’t kilts, this shakes their tree, because of the fear of novelty. Ethnic Scots are likely to be satisfied with a monostyle. There is no compelling rational reason for other men to blindly fall in line behind them, merely because it’s the “thin edge of the wedge.” Additionally, so-called “women’s skirts” are likely to cost much less than even a Utilikilt. The flat front of kilts and Utilikilts is phenomenally boring, and the location or absence of a pleat in no way innately corresponds to a particular gender anatomy. Greeks and Albanians wear a white skirt with pleats all around. They definitely do not agree that the presence of pleats in front makes the garment “female.” Please folks! Do not equate arbitrary traditions to any intrinsic realities!

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