In our ongoing theme “The Annals of Bad Design” we’ve critiqued ultra-wide bigger-than-the-mattress beds that look cool — and allow for an instant spot for your drifting-off-to-sleep-reading—but make for scraped and banged calves when getting in and out of bed. New York based designers Cristoff : Finio devised a clever solution to this dilemma in their design for a teenager’s room in a Park Avenue Apartment.

They created a platform out of a huge, fabric-covered huge foam mattress, with a thick foam headboard the same width against the wall. The sleeping mattress is arranged on top. There are 3 or 4 feet of the foam platform on the side of the mattress for lounging and sprawling as desired. And climbing into bed is no more than stepping onto a firm foam cushion.

Further iterations could make the cover for the foam platform a zippered slip-cover that would make for easy cleaning. For foam mattress and platform possibilities check out our recent post of sources.

via Desire to Inspire

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