Lately, we’ve been seeing some pretty interesting uses of helium-filled balloons, which we’ve been fans of since we got a gaggle as a gift. First we stumbled on Tokyo-based design studio, h220430‘s balloon chair which promised a change of mood: “if you sit in this chair, you’ll be able to think positive thoughts even if you are feeling down.”

Then Redditor “hdubs” posted a photo of his bearded friend who tied hellium-filled balloons to his dreadlocks JUST before he cut them off for a good cause: as part of the World’s Greatest Shave, an Australian fundraising event that helps aid the Leukaemia Foundation‘s ongoing research and support to people with blood cancer. It is a vision of impending liberation and gift.

It reminded us of the fab hair-do artist Myeongbeom Kim created

hairdo with balloons myeongbeom kim
Myeongbeom Kim

…and Will It Beard’s improvisation with balloons…

There are infinite possibilities for printing balloons with messages...


balloons with cool messages

But one of the most unusual balloon creations arrived via emal in the last dark days of winter from a friend in Seattle to whom we’d sent a big bunch of really vibrant balloons; an ancient leafless apple tree is uplifted and transformed…

…into a Balloon Tree. (Video link HERE.)

Top image via Laughing Squid; balloon chair via Core 77


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3 replies on “The Creative Possibilities of Helium Balloons

  1. I guess at a time of (probably) ‘peak helium’, that is when the urge to use it most wastefully strikes. Kind of like the aesthetic trend for old-style bulbs peaking right at the time when the conversation is about phasing them out. It’s interesting to see this at work in this example but kind of terrifying too. MRIs are way more important…

  2. Take a look: How many creatures do you want to kill?

    Please refrain from adding more crap to the world in exchange for temporary giggles.

    Helium is a finite resource. Save it for research and MRIs.

  3. Perhaps I am misunderstanding. How does this kill creatures? They are not being let go in any of these images, nor were they left on the tree after the couple of days of my friend’s enjoyment.

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