We are smitten with this  c 1900 makeshift kitchen/dining area created by Perier family in the sheltered space of a giant boulder in New South Wales. It reminded us of the many makeshift kitchens we’ve created over the years, outdoors and in. Those elemental kitchens taught us that we could make an inviting space and cook well with foraged furniture, a pan or two, mismatched plates and often a single knife (the Opinel we travel with).  It was a great lesson in “bottom line” that helped us to know what we DIDN’T need when we designed our most recent kitchen in a limited space.

A.J. Perier
A.J. Perier

…No fancy toaster or espresso maker, no pendant lights (500 watt halogen work light instead) , 30-year-old stove, found stools, 3-times-recycled cabinets and island, few gadgets, flea market finds…the many pots reflect my history…

fallen tree diy:
Sally Schneider

Some of the best cooks we know cook in simple, comfortable spaces…like the Canal House folks spinning out wondrous cookbooks tested on their two small side by side stoves


Christopher Hirscheimer

…and  Josh Eisen and Ellen Silverman’s makeshift camp (the sink in the bathroom), created when they were renovated their home…

Improvised kitchen 2

…and of course there’s fab M.F.K Fisher’s


via Retronaut via State Library of New South Wales

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