(Video link HERE.) When we first saw this cardboard laptop stand by Icelandic Designer Sruli Recht of Foald Studio, we thought: Who needs that? We can just rig a stack of books to raise our laptop. Then we saw it in action and thought of all the places it would be useful. The Pillar is a lightweight, collapsible and ergonomic laptop stand that mimics collapsible packaging systems so you can fold it up and take it anywhere— a cafe for example. When used on a standard seated or standing desk surface in conjunction with a portable keyboard and mouse, it will instantly raise your notebook computer to the correct height, with the top of the screen near eye-level, so your hands are placed in the correct position to avoid fatigue in your shoulders and neck. It will help make your posture naturally better as you work, and avoid some of the health issues associated with looking DOWN into a laptop screen.

 The stand is die-cut from a single sheet of fluted stock, laminated with a matte polypropylene finish; its compact design can easily fit in most bags.


Pillar via designboom.com
Pillar via designboom.com

For about $20 you can get a pillar, and not have to rig your own.

via Kickstarter and Design Boom

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